Roadshow: Bulgarian Capital Market Day in London on 18 May 2017

A special Bulgarian Capital Market Day for CEE-focused investors will take place at EBRD headquarters on 18 May 2017 presenting for one day an insight in CEE regional development and Bulgarian capital market in-depth.

2017 dividend season started

2017 dividend season started

First dividend news came out with the publication of audited FY 2016 reports yesterday. Regular dividend providers REITs are investors’ favourites on dividends since by law they are obliged to distribute 90% of their profits as dividend. Biggest land REIT in Bulgaria Advance Terrafund (6A6BU) provisions BGN 0.154 DPS, yielding 7.3% at current quotes, according… Read more


SOFIX ETF gets BGN 22m inflow and considers cross listing abroad

The first SOFIX EFT – Expat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITs ETF gets BGN 22m cash inflow from local pension funds, considers cross listing abroad, the fund manager Expat Asset Management announced in a statement. The inflow is one of the highest since the end of 2008 crisis. As a result SOFIX is at a two year… Read more