Sopharma with long-term contract to supply cytisine to USA

The US pharmaceutical company Achieve Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ACHV) has entered into an exclusive supply agreement with leading pharmaceutical producer Sopharma (3JR BU) to manufacture cytisine active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and finished tablets, according to a statement by Achieve. How smoking cessation cytisine based drug Tabex made entrance in US In 2015, Achieve acquired from… Read more

Bulgarian Stock Exchange

SOFIX rises to 9-year high and expands valuation 20% q/q

SOFIX P/E valuation expands 20% q/q to 11.6x earnings in Q2 2017, according to Bloomberg data. Valuation remains unchanged y/y as stock valuations advance with corporate fundamentals. Current SOFIX P/E is only slightly above its 12M moving average signaling room for further expansion. The index booked fourth consecutive daily rise on 10 August 2017 to… Read more

Bulgarian stocks book best Q1 since the start of 2014

The main index of Bulgarian stocks SOFIX added 8.11% q/q in 1Q17, best performance since the start of 2014. The index booked fourth consecutive quarter on the upside adding 43% since the last down quarter – 3Q16. Generic drug pharma company Sopharma (3JR BU) contributed most to SOFIX’ performance over the quarter, adding 31% q/q… Read more