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What is ELANA BG Trader?

ELANA BG Trader Devices

ELANA BG Trader works perfectly on all devices

ELANA BG Trader is a secure Internet-based platform for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). It allows real-time trading of all the financial instruments available on BSE, as well as access to current market information and full reporting of the investment portfolio.

Traders only need an Internet connection to log into the trading platform. ELANA BG Trader can be used by all mobile devices, as the mobile version has all the basic functions for trading, market information and reporting – 70% of the platform functionality. ELANA BG Trader is free of charge to use.

Why choose ELANA BG Trader for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange?

  • Developed for easy trading, intuitive orientation and quick reaction
  • Trade everywhere – use it from any computer and any mobile device
  • Immediate and comprehensive real-time market overview – get the best prices and orders real time
  • Detailed investment portfolio reporting with transparent potential and actual transaction costs – full history of transactions, all types of reports
  • Analyze the market full history with a variety of charts
  • No fees for using the platform
  • A free demo version available – test trading real time without risk
  • Reliable trading with a fully licensed and experienced broker

Trade all instruments available on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia

  • Stocks
  • Rights on shares
  • Warrants
  • Bonds
  • Compensatory instruments

Advantages of ELANA BG Trader

Everything you need for easy trading

  • A secure Internet-based platform you access from any computer and any mobile device
  • The mobile version allows trading from every smartphone or tablet – accessible for all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.
  • Intuitive orientation through the menus and modules with drag & drop
  • Fully customizable – organise your trading environment by a screen of your choice including arranging different workspaces by tabs
  • Place quickly orders from each module with right click, double click or directly
  • Get beeps when executing an order, when an error occurs or when a message from a broker was received
  • Chat with brokers
  • Export any information you need in MS Excel and save it on your own computer

Everything you need for market analysis

  • Get the most of full history of the performance of all Bulgarian public companies since 2006 by charting or MS Excel export file
  • Compare stocks and indices in one chart
  • Use the chart type you prefer (Line, Area, Candlestick, Ohlc)
  • Various technical analysis indicators (Moving average, MACD, Oscillator, etc.)
  • Make use of full history of the transactions on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange since 2006
  • Generate any type of market report – sort by financial instrument and period, including summarized turnover and number of transactions
  • Generate any kind of market snapshot – most traded stocks, best and worst performing stocks for a given period of time

Everything you need to react quickly with a fully informed investment decision

  • Test trading and platform for 30 days via free demo version – reproduces 100% of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange real time
  • All the market you need in a blink – full information on stock issues – quotes, quantities, closing price, maximum, minimum, turnover volume, auction rates, etc.
  • Look at the 10 best offers at the time of order – all “buy” and “sell” real-time
  • Track market depth – see how many shares are available for buy and sell and all orders placed on the exchange
  • See which broker is the counterparty to the transaction
  • Track the top 10 best quotes for several stock issues simultaneously
  • Stay informed of the spread between the best quotes “buy” and “sell” by the amount and rate of a particular issue
  • Be aware of your net exposure and stock orders when looking at a quotation
  • Available all types of orders offered by BSE – limit, stop and iceberg
  • Available also basket and cascading orders

Transparent and comprehensive reporting for your investment portfolio

  • Analyze your winners and losers over time – gains / losses from already closed positions
  • Enjoy transparent information on potential and actual transaction costs, including prior to the transactions
  • Check full history of all transactions, submitted or canceled orders, easy references for specific dates.

ELANA BG Trader characteristics

Functional characteristics ELANA
BG Trader
Easy trading functionality
Internet-based platform
Demo trading
Accessible on mobile devices
Customizable workspace
Right-click function
Quick placement of orders
Chat with broker
Sound signals
MS Excel export on PC
Easy to analyze the market
Historical information
Choice of chart types
Technical analysis indicators
Instruments comparison
Choice of history reports
Comfortable quick trading
Full market overview
10 best real-time buy/sell when placing an order
Tracking market depth
Check the counterparty broker
10 best quotes on several stock issues
Spread for each stock issue as amount and percentage
Your net exposure and stock orders when looking at a quotation
Transparent reporting
Analysis of winners and losers in your portfolio
Indicative and actual transaction costs
Full history of transactions
Market value of all assets
Complete breakdown of transactions on all positions
Detailed reports
Expected revenue from selling rights
History of submitted and withdrawn funds
Submit orders directly from investment portfolio
Annual subscription fee

Why become a customer of ELANA Trading?

We are transparent for our customers

You are provided with comprehensive and transparent information on prices, costs and commission fees.

We are a reliable broker to deal with

ELANA Trading is a fully licensed investment intermediary regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission. We have a reputation for a trustworthy broker.

We have proved our professionalism and integrity through performance and partnerships of over 20 years

ELANA Trading is one of the oldest Bulgarian licensed brokers with a networks of long-standing international partners.
We are part of an institution with a long history of credibility.

We make sure our customers are well-informed and educated

We want our customers to have profitable trading and that’s why we provide them with free information services.

Free information services for our customers

  • Bulgarian stock market daily and weekly reports
  • Training and educational materials and webinars
  • Useful legal information on trading issues

Our customers have access to:

  • Corporate profiles of public companies
  • Analyses of public offerings
  • Corporate earnings equity reports
  • Economic and sector analysis

ELANA Trading Research Department provides equity research, macroeconomic and sector reports, which are distributed by the popular business information providers Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, CapitalIQ, Factset, ISI Emerging Markets.