Trading Conditions

Trading conditions and payment

No fees are required for using the ELANA BG Trader

Trading commission fees
for turnover up to BGN 100 000 0.6% of the transaction value;
minimum BGN 3 on a transaction
for turnover over BGN 100 000 * 0.5% of the transaction value *,
minimum BGN 3 on a transaction.
for over BGN 1 million * upon negotiations
Trading conditions for using the ELANA BG Trader No fees are required
  • * Preferential commissions are not offered for a fixed long-term turnover but only for reaching a certain level at least once.

Custody fees

  • Annual custody fee for securities – 0.05%
  • Annual custody fee for cash – 0.25% on total value

Payment terms

    • No minimum of funds is required by ELANA Trading when opening a trading account
    • To start trading, you only need to make sure you have the funds you need in the trading account