SOFIX rebalancing with two replacements

Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Latest SOFIX rebalancing comes with two replacements, according to notice published by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. As a result SOFIX adds Trace Group Hold (T57 BU) and Holding Varna (5V2 BU). The two stocks are replacing Neochim (3NB BU) and M+S Hydraulic (5MH BU). The rebalancing becomes effective as of 19th March 2018.

SOFIX among 14 CEE indices with decline in February

SOFIX made 5,21% in January but in February went in decline down 3,69%. Of a total of nineteen markets in CEE, fourteen went downwards, this is what an analysis made by reported.

The deepest dip was for Warsaw with 6,58%, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (-6,39%), Hungary (-5,17%), Greece (-4,91%) and Slovakia (-4,22%). SOFIX followed at the sixth position with 3,69%.

The marlet that wrapped up the month most positively was Ukraine with 3,48%. Estonia, Kazakhstan, Romania and Russia also reported result on the upside. pointed out that although SOFIX performed badly in February, still there is 1,33% YTD.

Turnover in February

Bulgarian Stock Exchange turnover appeared lowest in 7 months with 34,2 million levs end of February. It has grown 21% though on annual basis.

The largest turnover in February was generated by shares of Chimimport (5,06 million levs), Fairplay Properties REIT (1,91 million levs), Holding Varna (1,87 million levs), Sila Holding (1,54 million levs), Velgraf Asset Management with 1,48 million levs, ELANA Agrocredit with 1,34 million levs, Central Cooperative Bank with 1,25 million levs and others.

SOFIX wrapped up 2017 with 16%

The blue-chip SOFIX index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) gained 15.52% to 677.45 points in 2017, after adding 27.24% a year earlier, amid a pickup in trading volume, reported.

Total regulated market turnover rose to 705.85 million levs ($438.2/360.9 million) in 2017 from 416.0 million levs in 2016. As many as 401.5 million shares changed hands in 79,629 deals throughout 2017. The average daily regulated market turnover was 2.8 million levs, up from 1.7 million levs in 2016. Trade in SOFIX components generated 45.48% of the total turnover on the BSE’s regulated market in 2017.

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