Roadshow: Bulgarian Capital Market Day in London on 18 May 2017

A special Bulgarian Capital Market Day for CEE-focused investors will take place at EBRD headquarters on 18 May 2017 presenting for one day an insight in CEE regional development and Bulgarian capital market in-depth. The participants will meet senior executives of top 10 listed Bulgarian companies and have one-on-one meetings with them.

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, kindly hosted by EBRD and in partnership with Citibank, ELANA Trading, Sofia International Securities.
Participants will hear senior experts’ presentation on CEE and Bulgaria macroeconomic status and will get an in-depth overview of the Bulgarian capital market from Ivan Takev, Executive Director of Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Company presentations will be provided by Sopharma, Monbat, Sirma Group Holding, Expat SOFIX ETF. One-on-one meetings with 11 companies are also planned. The companies are: Sopharma, Monbat, Sopharma Trading, Sirma Group Holding, Speedy, Agria Group Holding, Bulgarian Real Estate Fund REIT, ELANA Agrocredit, Fairplay Properties REIT, Korado Bulgaria.

To participate in the event, contact event organizers here till 11 May 2017 to get an invitation and get registered.

One-on-one meetings are to be requested till 5 May 2017.

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Bulgarian capital market main index performance 2016

SOFIX booked its second best annual performance in ten years after wrapping up 2016 with main index posting 27.24% y/y rise. SOFIX concluded 2016 at 586.24 points, up 82% from its lowest point in 2011 and 63.5% since 2008.

Average daily turnover doubles q/q and y/y in 4Q 2016, according to trading data by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Regulated average daily trading activity is up 2.5x q/q and 2.2x y/y to BGN 2.77m. This is the best market performance in three years as positive market sentiment hit the market in 3Q and 4Q 2016.

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