ELANA Agrocredit added to index BGTR30

ELANA Agrocredit

ELANA Agrocredit

On 10 March 2017 Board of Directors of the Bulgarian stock Exchange made a review of the indices and as a result ELANA Agrocredit will join BGTR30 – the index of the 30 most liquid Bulgarian public companies. ELANA Agrocredit will be part of the index as of 20 March 2017.

BGTR30 follows the prices of 30 liquid stocks ranked by market capitalization, number of deals for the last 1 year, turnover in the last 1 year and free-float.

Over 48.5 mln. investment in farmland for 4 years

As of end of February 2017 ELANA Agrocredit reports over 1900 deals with land plots for financial leasing contracts with farmers. The company has purchased approx. 8800 land plots of a total over 6100 ha.
Since the start of company operation in May 2013 till end of February 2017 the total investment in farmland is BGN 48.5 mln. – dedicated to providing farmers with land through their financial leasing contracts.

The company has distributed loans of over BGN 5.3 mln. to support farmers in their daily business.

346 agricultural producers have been provided with funding for farmland purchase in the last 3.5 years.

ELANA Agrocredit – successful in collecting installments

As of end of February 2017 ELANA Agrocredit has collected 98.63% of its receivables from 2016. 261 customers out of 265 have paid their annual installments. A large part of the land plots of the customers who did not pay have been sold out already with profit for shareholders.

Contribution to shareholders

In the very first year of operation ELANA Agrocredit managed to distribute its first dividend and provided its shareholders with 5.9% yield. The 2015 profit insured a dividend yield of 4.1%. 2016 dividend will be decided on a Shareholders meeting in mid-year.

ELANA Agrocredit shares traded at BGN 1.42 as of 8 March 2017. In 2017 the highest price reached was BGN 1.47.

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