ELANA AgroCredit will distribute dividend with 4.1% yield

ЕЛАНА Агрокредит

At the Annual meeting of shareholders on 30 June 2016, ELANA AgroCredit confirmed distribution of dividend of BGN 0,04924 per share. This represents 4.1% DY according to  current market price. Payment of dividends will start on 30 September 2016.

BGN 2.7 mln. loans to farmers in 10 months

In September 2015 ELANA AgroCredit added a new services for farmers who have contracted the company for land purchase by financial leasing.  By the end of June 2016 the company reported a total of BGN 2.7 mln. distributed as loans to farmers.  BGN 32.4 mln. was invested in farmland of 4 550 ha for purchase for farmers.

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