Increase in all revenue streams for Sopharma Trading in H1 2018


Sopharma Trading boosted its standalone revenue by 8.2% y/y to BGN 352m and expanded bottom line by 13% y/y to BGN 8.1m in H1 2018, according to the Company’s interim financial statements. The top line expansion is a result of increase in all revenue streams of the Company. The retail segment added 8.7% y/y to BGN 198m, the wholesale segment was boosted by 5.3% y/y to BGN 81.6m, while the hospital and medical devices segments increased by 3.4% and 10.8% y/y to BGN 3.1m and BGN 69m, respectively.

The bottom line was further positively affected by Sopharma Trading registering slower increase in the cost of goods sold compared to the growth in revenues. The former added 7.2% y/y increasing to BGN 324.7m. Although the administrative expenses were also on the rise, the Company delivered 13% y/y higher net profit of BGN 8.1m, further boosting its net profit margin to 2.3% in H1 2018 (compared to 2.2% in H1 2017).

July earnings report continued growth

In July 2018 Sopharma Trading reports 95% growth in profit before taxes and 16% in revenue, the Company announced in a release on 27 August 2018.

Sopharma Trading closed July with 95% increase of profit before taxes as it reached 1 624ths. BGN compared to 835 ths. BGN in of last year. For the same month of 2018 Sopharma Trading sold goods for 57 468 ths. BGN, which is 16% more than 49 698 ths. BGN sold in 2017.

The accumulated results also follow in company’s usual dynamics. Thus, the profit before taxes for the period January – July has increased by 21% to 10 635 ths. BGN, whereas in 2017 reached 8 804 ths. BGN. The accumulated revenue reach 409 482 ths. BGN.

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