Third Government led by Boyko Borisov was approved by Parliament

Boyko Borisov, Bulgarian PM

Boyko Borisov, Bulgarian PM

On 4 May 2017 the new coalition Government led by PM Boyko Borisov was approved by Parliament. The Government comprises of more of the previous GERB-led ministers with coalition partners from the nationalists of United Patriots.

Third Boyko Borisov led cabinet keeps major ministries

Vladislav Goranov will again be the Minister of Finance in this Government and Tomislav Donchev again will participate as Vice PM. Previous Minister of Regional Development Lilyana Pavlova will take the lead this time as the Minister of EU Presidency. Previous Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova also keeps its position. Previous Justice Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva to take on the Exterior Ministry while ex-Parliament chief and 2016 GERB Presidential Candidate to be a Justice Minister.

The Government members list:
  • Prime Minister – Boyko Metodiev Borisov;
  • Deputy Prime Minister – Tomislav Peykov Donchev;
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy – Valeri Simeonov Simeonov;
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Minister of Defence – Krasimir Donchev Karakachanov;
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform and Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ekaterina Spasova Gecheva-Zaharieva;
  • Minister of Finance – Vladislav Ivanov Goranov;
  • Minister of the Interior – Valentin Ivanov Radev;
  • Minister of Regional Development and Public Works – Nikolay Nankov Nankov;
  • Minister of Laboor and Social Policy – Biser Hristov Petkov;
  • Minister of Defence – Krasimir Donchev Karakachanov;
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ekaterina Spasova Gecheva-Zaharieva;
  • Minister of Justice – Tsetska Tsacheva Dangovska;
  • Minister of Education and Science – Krasimir Georgiev Valchev;
  • Minister of Healthcare – Nikolay Kirilov Petrov;
  • Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018 – Lilyana Pavlova;
  • Minister of Culture – Boil Vasilev Banov;
  • Minister of Environment and Water – Neno Nenov Dimov;
  • Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry – Rumen Andonov Porozhanov;
  • Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications – Ivaylo Angelov Moskovski;
  • Minister of Economy – Emil Lyubenov Karanikolov;
  • Minister of Energy – Temenuzhka Petrova Petkova;
  • Minister of Tourism – Nikolina Panayotova Angelkova;
  • Minister of Youth and Sport – Krasen Kirilov Kralev

Bulgarian capital market – first time announced a priority of a new government

It is for the first time that a Bulgarian Government claimed the local capital market as part of its priorities when presenting the governmental programme at the Parliament. PM Boyko Borisov stated before the MPs that hi cabinet will fight grey economy and trafficking as well as will work for sustainable improvement of income and the development of the local capital market as grounds for economic growth.

The newly appointed Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov also singled out the importance of local bourse for economy. When entered the Ministry of Economy, Karanikolov stated he will work with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Ministry of Finance towards improvement of market cap and liquidity of the local bourse.

New Government came after the results of snap elections in March