Daticum of Sirma Group is to build complex IT infrastructure for a cutting-edge new hospital in Bulgaria

Daticum, a company of Sirma Group Holding, was assigned to build the complex IT infrastructure of the freshly started cutting-edge hospital in Panagyurishte, which represents the largest project in Bulgarian healthcare in the last 25 years. The investment amounts at BGN 55 mln. (~ EUR 28 mln.) with a major investor Asarel Panagyurishte Zdrave, a company with the participation of the mining leader in Bulgaria, Asarel Medet. The mining giant is also a shareholder in Daticum. The hospital complex will include a renovated privatized hospital and a new oncology centre.

The challenge of the large-scale project

Assigned for a multi-million project, Daticum is committed to design, deliver and build a new data center, with a private cloud infrastructure, in order to support network connectivity in the hospital. Additionally, it includes desktop virtualization for workstations, wireless network, communication and medical calls system, CCTV and access control, and delivery of end-user devices. The complex technological infrastructure of the hospital in Panagyurishte will serve and coordinate over 500 professionals, and support staff, each of them having access to a variety of medical processes and data. The hospital will offer the most innovative software systems and facilities for medical diagnosis, process management and patient treatment.

“The biggest challenge in the project is the integration of 11 complex IT systems, which are the foundation of entire structure for patient treatment and care. At the same time, communication systems will enable medical staff not only to have timely access to medical information, related to their patients, but also to train young professionals in the most advanced practices, through partnerships with leading medical centres in the world”, said Rosen Marinov, CEO of Daticum.

Rosen Marinov, CEO of Daticum

Rosen Marinov, CEO of Daticum

First time in Bulgarian healthcare

The advanced technologies used in the project will allow for the first time in Bulgaria to simultaneously use diagnostic imaging methods (PET-CT, MRI, CT, robotic angiography, ultrasonic methods, etc.) alongside with surgery and the latest invasive methods. In addition, modern telecommunications systems will connect the hospital with leading centres of excellence abroad, specialized in all disciplines, which will provide quality and world class of medical expertise to Bulgarian patients. The hospital will have 268 beds and 520 medical and non-medical staff, which will train annually, and this investment worth about BGN 400 000 (~ EUR 200 000).

About Daticum

Daticum is a company within Sirma Group Holding, founded in 2008 due to the growing demand for international grade data centers. The company was founded in partnership with the mining giant in Bulgharia – Asarel Medet. Asarel Investment, a 100% subsidiary of the mining leader holds 34% of Daticum. Analysts expect Daticum will continue with its organic growth at the rate of 2-digit revenue growth over the next 5 years. In the last 5 years revenues went up av. 30% annually.

What Daticum offers

Daticum provides full range of managed services such as Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Custom Cloud and Enterprise Solutions and Services in a modern and reliable Data center.


The center hosts both local and international clients including, Fast Company acknowledged “one of top 10 most innovative companies in sports” Synergy Sports’ NBA; ScaleFocus, water utility service provider Sofiyska Voda, leading Bulgarian courier Speedy, etc.

Daticum is one of the 11 subsidiaries of Sirma Group Holding – the largest local IT company with 23 years of history. Sirma Group Holding offers IT products and services in 50 countries throughout the world.

The IPO of Sirma Group Holding is open for shares subscription till 15th October 2015.  This is the biggest IPO on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange since 2007.

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