2015 harvest and grains rising prices will support profits of Agria Group Holding

Agria Group Holding

Agria Group Holding

Northwest Bulgaria Agria Group Holding reported a weaker Q1 2015 but ELANA Trading analysts consider this a short-term event and look into the positive outlook for the agricultural group during this year – in the latest Corporate earnings research report Q1 2015.

Agria Group is a holding that includes companies in the field of agricultural production and grain trade and processing. The holding had developed an effective structure in the trade with grains – from providing of raw materials to the delivery to Constanta, Varna and Burgas Ports cargo terminals at the Black Sea. The assets of the Group include grain storage capacity of 150,000 tons and a mill with 30,000 tons annual capacity.

Agria Group Holding forecasted 13% annual growth of revenues for the period 2015-2017, while a solid investment 2-year programme is being implemented.  ELANA Trading analysts note that 2015 harvest is expected to be very good and grains rising prices on the international markets will also support turnover and profits of Agria Group Holding.

A possibility for raising capital this year was mentioned at the shareholders’ meeting, including increase of the free-float, which analysts expect to have a very positive effect on the stock’s liquidity.

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